I came across an old issue that is still there when installing Software Updates during the Operating System Deployment process. This is what happens, when there are too many Software Updates available for installation, the deployment process can hang while “Waiting for job status notification”. This issue can occur in while deploying Windows 7 via Configuration Manager 2007 but also with Configuration Manager 2012. It is a Windows 7 issue, nevertheless Configuration Manager 2012 has a nice feature to overcome this issue.

This is what is happening, during the deployment process the Task Sequence hangs at “Waiting for job status notification” like shown below.

Waiting for job status notification......

One way to fix this issue is to use the Offline Servicing option within Configuration Manager 2012, periodically install the Software Updates into the Windows 7 SP1 WIM image with the Schedule Updates option, like shown below;

Select Schedule Updates

After selecting the Schedule Updates option, you can choose which updates you want to install into the WIM image. Be sure to select the right Windows Architecture.

Select the updates

Schedule the installation of the updates on a time when the image can be taken offline, like at night. The process of installing the updates can take a couple of hours, depending of your system and the amount of Software Updates. In case of a failure, or you want to roll back the WIM image, a backup of the original WIM image is created in at the package source folder of the WIM image.

After a while the updates will be successfully installed and the installed updates are listed in the update status list.

Updates are installed

Always update the distribution points with the updated WIM image, so that you are able to deploy Windows 7 SP1 again 🙂 It will install the Windows 7 Operating System with all the latest patches that are discovered during the OSD process.